The academic study of Hinduism needs places like the Jiva Institute and Vraja Bhakti. Drs Satyanarayana Baba and Jagadananda provide a valuable resource wherein the details of a particular tradition, Gauḍīya Vaiṣṇavism or Caitanya Vaiṣṇavism, can be studied by all. The library resources and the general cultural context of the center enhance and give life to the study of Hinduism and we are very lucky to have this opportunity. 
Jonathan Edelmann



he Jiva-Institute is known to me since its very beginning stages – before any foundation of the building was layed, or a brick purchased. I can say that my personal life was, and still is, very much connected with this institution and its development. It has always been the  place and address for people/devotees interested in the genuine teaching of the Gaudiya-Vaisnava-School of Bhakti.

My deeply felt gratitude and admiration go to Dr.Satyanarayana Das for establishing and nourishing this Institution. He and his Institution are worthy of support in every way.

The Jiva-Institute is a blend of traditional ashrama-life and a more open academically oriented approach to spiritual practice and understanding. This combination is rarely found elsewhere. It allows the student enough space for individual sadhana and authoritatively guided study. This may be particularly appealing to persons coming from outside India.

Another feature of the Institute is the warm and heartfelt personal attention one receives from its staff-members – an aspect that becomes all the more important when one faces the troubles of everyday life in the India of Today. Thus the Jiva-Institute is not only a place of learning and spiritual practice, but also a refuge for those souls trying to find their way through the bewildering landscape of modern spirituality.

Astaratha dasa (Robert J. Geiger)

Babaji Satyanarayana Dasa


found the hospitality at the Jiva Institute exceptional.  The rooms are basic but comfortable, the vegetarian food delicious, and Dr. Das arranged a highly knowledgable guide for tours of Vrindavan and Braj.  There are classes on yoga and Ayur Veda for those interested.

Andrew Fort,  Professor of Religion, Texas Christian University



studied Ayurveda for two years, but the first day that I arrived at Jiva I felt like the real studies had begun. The authenticity of the teachers here resonated with the deepest part of me. The simple and clear instruction of Ayurveda, Education and Culture gave me new eyes to see myself and the world around me.

Bart Anthony Staub, Ayurveda-Therapeut



r Sri Satya Narayana is one of the most informed and articulate teachers of the Vedic wisdom tradition in the East and West today. He is in contact with the roots of this profound tradition of Self- and God-realization going back to the mantras of ancient Vedic seers and rishis. He has a deep understanding of the foundations of Yoga in Hindu (Sanatana) Dharma and a special insight into Bhakti Yoga, the path of devotion.

In forty years of attending spiritual discourses, I have never encountered a teacher with such power of authority, complete authenticity and abiding humility. Sri Dr. Satya Narayana Dasa is a truly enlightened teacher! He represents the Sankalpa [will] of the Hindu people and the cause of Sanatana Dharma. If you would like to help Sri Satya Narayana Dasa with his mission of educating the world about the profound teachings of the Vedic world view, please contact us today. I urge all well wishers on the path of Vedic wisdom, everywhere, to give him your full support, assistance, and encouragement in his crucial work. He needs and deserves our help.

Prem Nidhi dasa




iva is a clean, safe and loving environment to deepen one’s practice. The food is delicious and nutritious. The Ayurvedic treatments heal the body and the soul. Most importantly, Baba-ji Satyanarayana Dasa is an acharya with deep wisdom and humor. One is most fortunate to be able to study with him.

JoAn Street
Portland, Maine, USA



attended a seminar with like-minded people that rejuvenated my spirituality. The whole experience was out of this world. Discussions were enlivening and thoughtful. Many doubts were clarified with day-to-day examples. Hindu philosophy was made relevant and practical for modern times.

Piyush Desai, USA


will recommend Jiva highly to my friends and yoga colleagues back
in the west. Jiva Institute is the perfect refuge in busy Vrindavan,
India for a traveler from anywhere in the world. The ashram is clean,
safe and comfortable; the food is nutritious, plentiful and accessible
to a variety of palates and health needs; the people are warm,
welcoming and incredibly gracious to people from any culture or
background. But what truly sets Jiva apart from the hundreds of
ashrams in the area is the culture. One would be hard-pressed to find
another location where the path of devotion meets such intellectual
rigor–and each element greatly enhances the other.

Dr. Satya Narayana Dasa offers intensive seminars on a variety of subjects, basing all of his teachings in the original scriptures of the Vedic texts, in which
he is extremely well-versed. In addition to these formal courses, he
also offers daily classes where he reads from the Bhagavata Purana and
offers interpretation. In these free and public lectures, his fresh approach
makes the ancient scripture relevant and accessible even to those with
little experience in the subject. For devotees, Jiva is a true
blessing, but people from all faith-backgrounds are welcomed here in
an inclusive environment to study and learn. For people looking to
know India on a level beyond tourist attractions and cultural
differences, I cannot say enough of the experience Jiva will provide.
For yoga teachers, there is no better place to learn the origins of
their discipline, and to truly ‘live’ their yoga.

Jessica Martens, yoga teacher, Boston MA

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